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Vineyard Haven • Edgartown

What sets CB Stark apart?

Craftsmanship. Creativity. Superior service. Attention to the smallest details.

CB Stark’s accomplished in-house staff, with more than 150 years of combined experience, brings a wide range of skills to jewelry design, fabrication, service, and repair. Integrity, innovative design, and exceptional craftsmanship characterize our approach, as we strive to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations, no matter how big, small, or complex the undertaking. We pride ourselves on developing and maintaining an impeccable reputation for caring, personal service among our longtime customers and new visitors to our stores on Martha’s Vineyard.

Our skills

From simple tasks – checking, cleaning, and polishing jewelry; changing watch batteries and bands; replacing lost or broken earring backs – to complicated antique restorations, repairs, and one-of-a-kind custom designs, CB Stark is more than adept at satisfying customer requests. Drawing upon the best of traditional and modern jewelry-making and repair techniques, from lost wax casting and hand fabrication to computer-assisted design (CAD), the in-house jewelers at CB Stark are well-equipped to apply our artisanal creativity and technical skills to any challenge. For situations requiring more specialized expertise, such as diamond or precious stone cutting or hand-engraving, CB Stark works closely with some of the industry’s top professionals to achieve your vision.

Custom jewelry

The inspiration for creating a one-of-a-kind custom design can come from many sources: a favorite landmark, an element of nature, fashion, a special occasion, a whim. Imagination, creativity, and challenges excite us, and CB Stark has a long history of pleasing customers. Some people come to us with a very specific vision, and others have a more general idea, relying on our designers to help guide them to a final design concept. CB Stark embraces the collaborative process and the challenge of meeting your specific vision for a custom piece of jewelry. We love to use our problem-solving skills and diverse metalwork techniques. We work in silver, all types of gold, platinum, and occasionally other metals or materials. We can also rework not-quite-right jewelry that you don’t wear anymore into something new and beautiful that better matches your style and lifestyle. We offer free estimates, and work closely with each customer to achieve a high level of satisfaction within budget.

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Antique restoration

We can restore treasured family heirlooms to their original beauty or create a new updated piece of jewelry that embraces the spirit of the original. We understand and appreciate the sentimental value of jewelry to its owners, and devote special care and attention to restoring and repairing such pieces.

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Fully insured, CB Stark’s in-house jewelers can repair just about anything. We offer laser technology to mend pieces that might be compromised by traditional methods. CB Stark jewelry services include: repairing broken clasps, earring posts, and wires • replacing worn or broken prongs • shortening bracelets and chains • matching and replacing missing stones • sizing rings • resetting and tightening stones • installing safety clasps for bracelets and necklaces, and adjustable ring shanks for large knuckles • removing rings • replacing watch batteries and straps, and more! If you don’t see it, please ask us.

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Getting started

Please call to set up an appointment with one of our design specialists. If you are not on-Island, we can work with you long-distance, providing the same process, personal care, and attention to detail as if you were here with us.

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53A Main Street, Vineyard Haven • 10 Main Street, Edgartown
Martha's Vineyard
Established 1966